Friday, March 20, 2009

So, Or and Like

Depending on what generation you grew up in, you probably use the above words in a highly irritating manner. If you grew up in the 90s, you probably still use "like" like 10 times more than necessary:
I was like "the coffee's hot" and he was like "and bitter too" and she was like so not smart, and he was like all over the place.
I am like, can you shut the heck up and not use "like" anymore?

What about "Or"? This is a recent phenomenon and equally annoying. Young people and middle-aged alike end questions with the word "Or" in a trailing off fashion. For example:
Are we going to buy apples or?
Should we divide the numerator by pi or?
My answer to that nowadays is "or what?"

Then we have "So". How did "So" become the starting word of every other sentence?
So the sunshine really makes me happy.
So Microsoft really does not have any solid predictions on their revenue streams for 2009.
So the book I was reading was like boring.
Notice how in the last one, the person violated twice. The "so" sentences can all be stated without uttering "so" at all! Yet, they insist in saying "so" all the time. I've even seen professors and business people misuse "so" so many times. So I say, what the so is wrong with you?

Finally, a throwback to the times of prohibition. I'm trying to bring back the word "see" as an ending to sentences. All you need is a cigar in your mouth and softening of the letter "s" in "see" when you utter the example sentences below:
The shirt looks good, see
The sky is blue, see
I need the money back by midnight tonight, see
Al Capone style, see?

We're back in business. So, like, should I end the blog with a period or...?

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