Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Menkind - do we deserve the bad rap?

Yes, I wrote menkind, not mankind i.e. our kind, our gender. Men have been getting bashed lately by the media, by women, by every quarter of society. The images are everywhere especially in commercials and sitcoms. Here’s a condescending female talking to her man (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-IZ9CL4phPk&feature=related) in a multigrain cheerios commercial. You’ll never find a commercial with a male talking to a female in that manner. The sometimes outright and often subtle male bashing goes on in a great number of commercials that feature males and females today.

Did we bring this upon ourselves? How did the myth of the unfit male get perpetuated to the point where men have been effeminized and had their dignity stripped. Whatever happened to commercials with portrayals of men as protectors, leaders, caretakers, and compassionate fathers?

Men get bad raps from other men when they misuse power or become corrupt. But men get a helluva bad rap from females for a variety of other reasons – including lying, cheating, not having a job, being lazy, etc. So who are the men who sully the reputation of the whole gender by their actions? Is it the avuncular pot bellied Uncle who has preparation H challenges, thinning hair, and spins yarns from his belly button lint while watching Maury Povich declare who the baby daddy is? I think that type of man is fairly harmless. Is it the man who isn’t smelling like a bunch of roses today because he slogged away the day working the jackhammer on a construction site? I think he’s fairly harmless. Is he the man who is curt and won’t respond to your greetings when you’re reaching out to him? I think he’s fairly harmless too! The only males that really get on females nerves are the ones that cannot think properly because they are busy chasing tail. Now that is a harmful variety of us men – but even these men are harmful temporarily. When the testosterone level subsides, they are veritable Ned Flanders. They just want to go and put in an honest days work, come home and relax, say hello the neighbor, eat some food, and sleep or watch a little sports. Now what harm is there in that I ask!

The original man is strong, not frail. He is tough but compassionate. He is quiet but dignified. He is a protector not a destroyer. He is a humble servant of his family and society. He is a leader who is decisive, with upstanding character to help him and those under his care weather the treacherous heat and bitter coldness of life. May I kindly remind female kind and the media mavens that men have invented or discovered the comforts that both men and women enjoy today – refrigeration, electricity, vehicles, highways, air conditioning, heating, parks, and paved pathways. Men have even been the recipients of divine revelation. So please, no more male bashing! No more male hating! And no more male effeminizing! Let us return to the earlier days when men were considered beacons of light and pillars of integrity.

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